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Flashing Lights & Sounders

Visual and Audible Warning Systems for Added Safety and Precaution

Our range of flashing lights and sounders are an easy addition to any industrial or commercial site. They provide warning to pedestrians and motorists of the moving door.

Family Downloads

Flashing Light | IP65 | 24V

Part No. Description
GWS-L24R Flashing Light LED 24V Red
GWS-L24Y Flashing Light LED 24V Yellow
GWS-L24G Flashing Light LED 24V Green

Flashing Light | IP65 | 240V

Part No. Description
GWS-L240R Flashing Light LED 240V Red
GWS-L240Y Flashing Light LED 240V Yellow
GWS-L240G Flashing Light LED 240V Green

Sounder | IP65 | 24V

Part No. Description
GWS-S24 Sounder 24V 112dB Variation

Sounder | IP65 | 240V

Part No. Description
GWS-S240 Sounder 240V 112dB Variation