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Remote Transmitters

Transmitters with Encrypted Technology for Your Keyring or Wall

Grifco offers a full suite of remote transmitters to improve the remote access to your facility. All devices feature the patented Security +2.0 technology to ensure safe transmission and long range. There are options for keyring, car visor and wall mounting.


Please note a monitored entrapment protection system must be installed to enable remote control operation.

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eDrive +2.0 Remote Access Devices | Portable

Part No.DescriptionChannelTypeManual
E960G 4-channel Wireless Keyring Transmitter 4 Keyring
E945G 3-channel Wireless Keyring Transmitter 3 Keyring
E943G 3-channel Wireless Visor / Forklift Transmitter 3 Vehicle

eDrive +2.0 Remote Access Devices | Fixed

Part No.DescriptionChannelTypeSpec Sheet
E138G 2-channel Wireless Wall Transmitter 2 Wall
E840G Wireless Security Keypad 1 (keypad) Wall