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Monitored Safety Beams

Monitored Entrapment Protection

Monitored entrapment protection is not only a requirement under Australian/ New Zealand standards, but an investment in safety and protection. These simple additions to your installation can stop a closing door upon non-contact detection of an obstruction. They are also required to allow remote or time-based closure of a door.

eDrive +2.0 Monitored Safety Beam Kit | Reflective

Part No.Description
GPS15Plug-in Safety Beam Kit, inc beam, reflector, install brackets and 20m cable
GPS15RKStandard GPS15, supplied as a kit with 2 x E960G Wireless Transmitters

eDrive +2.0 Monitored Safety Beam Kit | Send / Receive

Part No.Description
GPS772Plug-in Safety Beam Kit, inc beams, install brackets & 20m cable
GPS772RKStandard GPS772, supplied as a kit with 2 x E960G Wireless Transmitters

All Monitored Entrapment Protection Devices are compatible with eDrive +2.0 and S-Drive operators. Also compatible with mDrive and many other operators equipped with GLMe2 logic only.