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Main Control Boards

Replacement Control Boards and Logic Upgrades for Legacy Maestro and eDrive Operators

The E-Drive myQ Conversion Kit is designed to upgrade legacy Grifco operators with electronic limits (Maestro, eDrive +2.0 and other eDrive products) to the E-Drive myQ logic platform. It includes:

  • E-Drive myQ PCB
  • E-Drive myQ APE encoder assembly
  • Shaft adaptor assembly

Family Downloads

Replacement Main Control Boards for E-Drive myQ Openers

Part No.DescriptionSuits Product
MCB6ED Standard MCB E-Drive myQ
MCB6EDN Standard MCB, No neutral E-Drive myQ
MCBL6051 Standard MCB with Relays 0.5Hp E-Drive myQ
MCB6ED-SBF MCB with Smoke Baffle Feature E-Drive myQ
MCB6EDN-SBF MCB with SBF, No neutral E-Drive myQ
GLM6-MCB MCB for GLM Control GLM6
GLM6N-MCB MCB for GLM6N Control GLM6
EB1 Expansion Board E-Drive myQ

E-Drive myQ Conversion Kit

Part No.Description
M123ED6 Standard Conversion Kit - E-Drive Mk6
M123EDN6 Standard Conversion Kit, No neutral

MCB Alternate Mount Kits

Part No.Description
WMK1 Wall Mount Kit, inc. 1.5m lead & terminal block
RBK2 Rotation Bracket Kit

Other Related MCB Spares

Part No.Description
APE1 Absolute Positioning Encoder
MCEP1 MCB Enclosure, inc. standard lid
MCBE1 MCB Enclosure, inc. base plate & cradle
MCBEH1 MCB Enc, inc. base plate & cradle (high lid)
MCBEW1 MCB Enclosure for wall/ceiling mount
MCBEWH1 MCB Enclosure for wall/ceiling mount (high lid)
MCBC1 MCB Cradle only
GPI Push in Grommets for MCB base