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1. I am unable to set limits on the SBF unit (LED flashes constantly)

Ensure the limit setup procedure is being followed as it is different to the standard eDrive +2.0.

2. Do I need to install Photo beams to enable the door to latch down? 

Yes. Photo beams must be installed as per the manual to enable the door to latch down (also required for Auto Close)

3. Can I use the MRC/MRC2 receiver from an eDrive on an eDrive +2.0?

No. The MRC/MRC2 receiver is not compatible with the eDrive+2.0. An RRC2 is required and will need to be wired to the 24VDC and Toggle Input

4.Can I use another brand of Photo Beam? 

Grifco recommend the use of Grifco Entrapment Protection Devices only. Other brands or types of PE beams may result in unexpected door behaviour.

5. My photo beams are broken and the door wont close.

Press and hold the down button to override the Photo Beams. This will enable the door to be closed until the photo beams can be fixed, or removed and the MCB reset.