Grifco Products

The eDrive and mDrive range comprises 0.5hp, 1.0hp, & 1.5hp openers in single and three phase variants with Low Cycle & High Cycle options. There is a slight variation required when ordering openers with the same capacity in eDrive or mDrive. For example, to order an eDrive, 1.0hp, 3 Phase in low cycle and left hand configuration then order a ML4103L. To order the same capacity opener as an mDrive unit then you would order an ML103ML.

All other roller shutter openers listed have mechanical limits, and range in capacity from 1.5hp through to 5.0 hp.

All Fire Shutter & Sectional Door Openers have mechanical limits.

Commercial Roller Shutter

Grifco's has a complete range of Light Commercial Roller Door Openers, Roller Shutter Openers, Heavy Duty Openers, Fire Shutter Openers, Sectional DoorOpeners, Extra Heavy Duty Shutters, Manual Hoists and associated accessories.

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Poultry Winches

Grifco's poultry winch range includes ventilation winches, feeder/drink winches, drum winches, chook saver winches and associated accessories.

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